New team + individual performance analytics!

We have released our next revision of call performance summary analytics!

Using the RamblAI web app, you can view team and individual call performance summaries. We also include relative performance indicators, so you can immediately tell if you are improving in areas you care about, like listening ratio and follow-ups.

…delivered to your inbox!

And don’t forget, RamblAI already logs the call outcome for you whether you had a conversation, left a voicemail, or got no response.

Search Team Calls (BETA)

We have added the ability to search calls across the entire team or even other reps. Keep an eye out here as we’ll be adding more advanced filtering and automated reporting capabilities from this seemingly empty page.

Other Fixes & Enhancements

• Ignore repeating calendar events under Profile -> Settings

• Turn weekly email notifications on or off, again under Profile -> Settings

  • View call outcomes and logging status in team and rep call analytics

Reminder: New users must create their account via the web app.

Remember to join our Facebook group for RamblAI updates and to share feedback. You can always visit our support site for any questions or issues, or drop us note at [email protected].

Thanks for using RamblAI!
Team RamblAI

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