5 tips to get the most out of RamblAI

As we talk to our fellow RamblAIrs, we learn about ways that they get the most out of the app. What’s great is that it’s a combination of RamblAI’s functionality and behavior changes that have improved their productivity and call outcomes. Here are a few tips from the RamblAI community.

Place the RamblAI app on your dock.

Remember to use RamblAI for your business calls by placing it front and center on your iPhone dock, or at a minimum, on the home screen. This, along with badge notifications, will make RamblAI more visible, and will help to make it a core part of your work day. After all, out of sight, out of mind…

Connect to your workflow tools.

RamblAI supports integrations with Google G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce and HubSpot. When you sign in with Google or Office 365, RamblAI accesses your calendar and contacts to make it easier to place your calls. And when connected to your Salesforce or HubSpot, RamblAI logs the call activity, suggested tasks, and starred items with a single click or tap.

Start your day with RamblAI.

At the start of your day, open the RamblAI web or mobile app to see upcoming calls from your calendar. When it’s time for your call, it’s a single tap/click to make your call. Even conference numbers and PINs are dialed with a single click/tap.

Speak naturally…and clearly.

RamblAI understands what is being said, and is able to do its job without requiring any specific commands. In fact, just talking naturally, and in a clear and concise way (which is just good practice), is the best way for RamblAI to pick up on important highlights from the call.

Recap next steps at the end of the call.

A good (if not a mandatory) practice at the end of any business conversation is to state the next steps that were identified as an outcome of the call. RamblAI picks up on statements that suggest something that requires action and highlights these items as suggested tasks or starred items. Give these phrases a try:

  • “To recap…__________.”
  • “I will send you _____ by [DAY].”
  • “I will send you an invite for a demo on [DAY].”

Predict Sales Calls Volume

RamblAI supports workforce optimization which enables your organization to automatically estimate the number of calls received and average handle time for your team of agents on each time interval or shift.

Further reading: To learn more about workforce optimization for call centers, read this article about WFM

Thank you for continuing to make RamblAI great!

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