Calls that close®

Do you know what's happening inside your sales calls?

Unlock the value of sales calls across your entire organization with Rambl, your inside sales phone system for growth. 

"Call logging and data entry suck."

Reps love Rambl because it's the fastest way to place and log calls to CRM, while improving their performance with qualification insights.

Zero-Friction workflow

With a single click, you can log to CRM, create calendar events, and send emails that Rambl has suggested as soon as the call is over. Your prospects stay engaged, and you start moving up the leaderboard.

Smart highlights

During calls, Rambl silently captures important details and follow-ups, freeing you to focus 100% on the conversation. In addition, Rambl lets you search past conversations to better prepare for the next call.

Performance insights

Rambl provides insights from each call – such as highlighted sales qualifiers and talk/listen ratio – so you can quickly see where you're strong, where you can improve, and start turning call insights into higher lead conversion.

"Phone calls are my blind spot."

Using Sales Qualification Intelligence, Rambl analyzes every call for specific criteria and actions to give you insights into your team's call performance.

Get visibility into every call

Your team may be hitting their call metrics, but how qualified and engaged are the calls? Rambl analyzes every call for specific criteria and actions to give you insights into your team's call performance.

Maximize your leads

You've invested real money for warm leads, but are you getting maximum return? Rambl exposes call conversation indicators to help you course-correct faster and improve conversion.

Be a manager, not a shadow

You have better things to do than shadowing your team. By showing qualification and engagement patterns of each team member, Rambl helps you target your coaching more effectively so you can get back to managing your business.

"Exactly what are customers saying?"

Growth teams can search and monitor sales calls for keywords and trends, gaining product, marketing and sales playbook insights.

Search sales calls

Keyword alerts

Is there a specific word or phrase you'd like to monitor in your sales calls? Are your reps using the word 'discount' too much? Create custom keyword alerts to get a daily email so you can stay up to date with what the team is saying...or NOT saying!

Search all sales calls

Find out if reps are talking about your referral program, promoting the newest product features, and how often they’re discussing discounts with Rambl’s powerful search tool. You can even create keyword alerts from search results.

See what's trending

Are prospective customers mentioning certain competitors more often? Are reps adhering to the playbook, or are they overpromising? Rambl’s trend analysis provides strategic insights for the entire organization, without interrupting the sales team.

Integrates Beautifully.

Rambl works alongside the tools and services you use every day, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google, Office 365, UberConference, Zoom, GoToMeeting, JoinMe, and more.

Dock it 'n Rock it.

Download the Rambl mobile app, dock it, and make it your new business phone.

*New users must create account via the web app.

Feature Overview

1-Click Call Logging

Log call details and tasks into Salesforce and HubSpot with no manual entry


Place calls from the web via the fastest calling system with call intelligence and CRM integration

Mobile Apps

Make and log calls on-the-go from the Rambl iOS and Android apps

Dedicated Number

Get your own dedicated number for incoming and outgoing sales calls

Calendar Integration

Sync Google and Office 365 to get reminders and 1-click dialing into scheduled calls

Conferencing Support

Forget the PINs. Just tap to join a conference call from GoToMeeting, Zoom, JoinMe, Uber Conference and many others.

Smart Tasks

Automatic next steps for calendar and email, logged as tasks into CRM

Call Intelligence

Get conversation insights into your team’s call qualification performance

Data Retention Controls

Control transcript and audio retention to meet compliance standards

100% Private

No human beings are involved in the generation of call details and insights

Ready to Rambl?

Let us show you how Rambl can give you insights into your team’s call performance while ensuring a zero-friction experience for your team. 

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