Just talk.

Turn your calls into productive follow-ups and notes.

*Private Beta is currently for iOS devices only.

Drive the conversation forward.

Rambl helps you follow through on important details and commitments from your phone calls.

Place and accept calls through Rambl and just talk. Rambl will automatically deliver your call details via the mobile and web apps, along with  suggested follow-ups, and notes...within seconds!

Finally, prepare for the next conversation with search and related phone call notes and follow-ups.

Rambl Highlights

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100% private.

No human beings are involved in the generation of follow-ups and notes from your calls.

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Ready in seconds, not hours.

When your call is done, Rambl will have your conversation details ready in seconds. No joke.

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Be prepared for the next call.

Search and find anything...topics, people, follow-ups, and more.

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Log to Salesforce.

Effortlessly log call details directly to Salesforce and keep opportunities up-to-date.

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Workflow integration.

Distribute notes to Google, Office 365, Slack,and your installed iOS apps.

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Just talk.

Talk naturally. Rambl understands and does its job without any commands.

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Smart follow-ups.

Rambl detects and suggests calendar events and emails that can be completed via the web and mobile apps.

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Transcript highlights.

Quickly navigate through suggested notes and follow-ups that are highlighted in the call transcript.

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Never forget to Rambl.

Sign up with your Google or Office 365 account and get reminders to use Rambl for upcoming events.

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Conference calls included.

Forget the PINs. Just tap to join a conference call, and get notes and follow-ups to boot.

Are you ready to Rambl?

Be a part of our private beta.