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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rambl save audio to my phone?

No, audio is not saved to your device during a call, and there is no upload involved. 

Can I call anyone?

Yes! When you create an account, you are automatically assigned a new Rambl number, which is linked to the phone number you enter during signup. This new number will appear to anyone you call via the Rambl mobile app or the web app dialer. When someone calls your Rambl number, it will ring the number associated with your account, and after the call Rambl will automatically process the call details which can then be accessed via the mobile app or the web app. Rambl can also easily capture conference calls created or joined by you.

Can I log calls to my CRM?

Yes! Rambl integrates with Salesforce and HubSpot so you can log the call directly from the call detail screen in either the mobile or web app. 

* IMPORTANT: To access Salesforce from Rambl, you are required to have the Web Services API add-on, which is included in Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. This add-on is available for Professional Edition for an additional fee per license. Contact your Salesforce AE for details.

Is Rambl always "listening" like Amazon Echo or Google Home?

No. Since Rambl is designed to work only with calls, it's only "listening" when you place a call via the Rambl app or when you receive an incoming call to your Rambl number.

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