Use Voice Cues

During a call, using certain voice cues will help Rambl pick out the important items you want to remember. Using phrases like the following will work to trigger Rambl to suggest it as a highlighted item:

“…so what you’re saying is…”

“…to recap…”

“…in summary…”

“…I will follow up with (you) by (Tuesday) about (the proposal).

“…I will send (the PDF) to (you) by (tomorrow).”

“…I have a follow up to (complete a task).”

“…I will schedule a follow up with (this person) about (this item).”

Remember to Rambl

To help you remember to Rambl your calls, drag the Rambl app to your main Home screen or into the Dock. 

Also, make sure you’ve connected and authorized Rambl to access your calendar so you’ll get reminders before scheduled meetings.

Use Redial

You can quickly redial a contact or recent number by tapping or clicking the phone icon to the right of a call in your recent calls list.

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