Share Call Details

Share individual notes and follow-ups, or export call details for Salesforce.

Log to CRM
*Make sure you have first enabled the Salesforce or HubSpot integration under Settings

With a single tap on the “Log to Salesforce/HubSpot” button on the call detail screen, you can log the call transcript, highlighted notes, and follow-ups to your connected CRM.

Rambl suggests Salesforce opportunities based on your call contact and all of your open opportunities, as well as HubSpot contacts and Deals. Once logged, a single tap from the call detail will take you directly to the opportunity in your respective CRM.

Your calls are now visible in your activity history and in will be reflected in any activity reports and dashboards you’ve created.

Sharing notes and follow-ups
You can share individual notes and follow-ups by tapping on them and selecting “Share” in the pop-up menu. 

Share all notes and follow-ups by tapping the Share icon in the upper right. Selecting “Email” will allow you to optionally include the full transcript. Selecting “Other” will share just the notes and follow-ups.

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