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If you have not signed in to Rambl with your Google or Office 365 account, you can enable the integration to get reminders to use Rambl for upcoming calls. Rambl also provides a Salesforce integration for logging call notes and follow-ups directly into your open opportunities.

Tap the menu icon in the upper left and select “Settings“. When the Settings screen loads, tap the toggle to the right of each integration to authenticate your account and activate or deactivate the service.

* IMPORTANT: To access Salesforce from Rambl, you are required to have the Web Services API add-on, which is included in Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. This add-on is available for Professional Edition for an additional fee per license. Contact your Salesforce AE for details.

When you’re ready to push to Salesforce, just tap the Salesforce Icon on the call detail screen.

Alternatively, you can connect your calendar from the Reminders icon  in the upper right by tapping “Connect” and following the instructions to authenticate your account.

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