Let's Get Ready to Rambl!

A Quickstart Guide


Sign In

Sign in with Google or Office 365 to see upcoming calendar events, and even start or join a call with a single tap. You’ll also be notified of upcoming events so you remember Rambl them


Your Rambl #

When you create an account, you are automatically assigned a dedicated Rambl number, which is linked to the phone number you verify during signup. This number will appear to anyone you call via Rambl. When someone dials your Rambl number, it will ring the number associated with your account, and after the call Rambl will automatically process the call details. Don’t forget to add this number to your contact info.


Connect Your CRM

Logging call details has never been this easy. By connecting your existing Salesforce or Hubspot account, you can log the details of every call you make through Rambl by tapping the “log call” button and selecting  what to include in the log. Done and done.



Place a call via an upcoming event, your contacts, or the dial pad. Join a conference call from calendar events with one tap – no numbers to remember and no PINs to enter. Try it out with your favorite conference provider.

And when someone calls you on your Rambl number, it will ring the number associated with your account. When the call is done, the conversation will be captured just as it is when you place calls with Rambl.



After the call, Rambl will automatically deliver your call details, in seconds. Quickly review suggested actions and highlight important notes in the transcript via the mobile app or on the web.



Finally, log call details directly to your CRM and keep opportunities up-to-date, or share call details and highlights via email or your iOS apps.

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