Rambl FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions

TestFlight is an Apple app we use for our private beta users to get Rambl on their mobile device without being in an app store. You will receive an email from TestFlight that provide instructions for installing Rambl on your iOS device.

You should have received an email invitation from a service called "TestFlight". Make sure you follow the instructions in that email, which begins by installing the TestFlight app on your device, then the steps to install Rambl. If you've already gone through this process and are still unable to fully install the app, we recommend deleting the non-working version of Rambl and reinstalling from scratch. If you continue to have issues, please email us at support@rambl.ai and we'll be happy to help you out. 

It sure does!

No, audio is not saved to your device during a call, and there is no upload involved. 

It is legal to record calls, but given that laws differ state by state, we recommend that you inform the other party you're using an app to record the conversation to capture your call notes. It's the polite thing to do.

To be more specific, 38 states permit single-party consent for a call to be recorded. This means you can record your call since you are party to the call and your consent alone is enough.

However, in 12 states (CA, CT, FL, HI*, IL**, MD, MA, MT, NV, NH, PA, WA) all parties must consent before a call can be recorded. Find more detailed information on this topic here.

*In general a one-party state, but requires two-party consent if the recording device is installed in a private place

**Laws regarding recording a phone call in Illinois are debatable and, as a matter of caution, you should treat it as a two party consent state

Yes, you can place calls to numbers that are in your contacts on your phone, or you can use the manual dialer to call any number you choose. And, when you connect Rambl to your Google or Office 365 account, phone numbers and conference dial-ins are automatically detected in your calendar events, allowing you to make the call with a single tap.

Yes! When you create an account, you are automatically assigned a new Rambl number, which is linked to the phone number you entered during signup. This is the number that will appear to anyone you call via Rambl. When someone dials your Rambl number, it will ring the number associated with your account, and after the call Rambl will automatically process the call details which can then be accessed via the mobile app or the web app. Rambl can also easily capture conference calls created or joined by you. For more information, see this link

Yes! Rambl integrates with Salesforce and HubSpot so you can log the call directly from the call detail screen. Just tap/click the Salesforce or HubSpot button, select the destination, and the details will be posted as a logged activity. 

* IMPORTANT: To access Salesforce from Rambl, you are required to have the Web Services API add-on, which is included in Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. This add-on is available for Professional Edition for an additional fee per license. Contact your Salesforce AE for details.

In the mobile app, tap the menu icon in the top left to reveal the side menu and select Account. This will allow you to manage your account, including updating your personal number, name and email address. 

In the mobile app, tap the menu in the upper left and select Account. Your Rambl number will be listed at the bottom of the screen. 

You should have also received a Welcome email from Rambl when you created your account, which will have your Rambl number listed for reference. 

We also recommend that you add your Rambl number to your contact card on your mobile device. 😉

At this time, Rambl phone numbers cannot be changed, as they are randomly assigned. If you require a number with a different area code than what you were assigned, contact us at support@rambl.ai and we will help you out. 

Rambl numbers are required for Rambl to function and therefore cannot be disabled. We suggest adding your Rambl number to your email signature as your "business" or "office" number and keeping your personal number as your "mobile" number.

Yes. You still need to accept the call when Rambl calls you, but then just hang up. If you decline the call, Rambl will treat your voicemail as if you had answered the phone and continue to connect the other party. We are working to address this in a future release.  

Yes, Rambl continues recording in the background, signified by a red status bar at the top of your screen. However, if you receive a phone call while capturing a recap, it will interrupt the recording. 

No. Since Rambl is designed to work only with calls, it's only "listening" when you place a call via the Rambl app or when you receive an incoming call to your Rambl number.

No. Deleted conversations are gone forever.

For our private beta users, Rambl is provided at no cost. But if you want to pay us, we’ll take your money. 😉

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