Using Rambl

How to place a call from Rambl

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Place or join a call

Place a call from the call list by tapping the large phone button at the bottom of the screen to manually enter a number or to access your address book. And, if you signed in to Rambl with your Google or Office 365 account, scheduled calls will appear at the top of the call list under “Today’s Events”, allowing you to join the call with a single tap. 

  Via a scheduled call
If Rambl detects a phone number, including conference numbers and PINs, in a meeting on your calendar, you will be able to join the call simply by tapping the phone icon to the right of the list item. For conference calls, when the automated meeting attendant requests the call ID and/or PIN number, Rambl will enter it for you and automatically place you into the call. 

  Via the Keypad
If you have not signed in with Google or Office 365, Rambl will ask for your mobile number on your first use. Enter your number and double-check to make sure you typed it correctly. Then enter the number of the person you want to call, and their name if you wish. After you tap "OK", Rambl will call you at your number, then announce that it will bridge in the other party.

  Via your Address Book
This allows you to access the contacts in your address book. You will need to allow Rambl permission to access your Contacts to use this option.

To cancel a call in progress...
Tap "accept" when Rambl calls you, then hang up. Declining the call will treat your voicemail as if you had answered and continue to connect the other party.

Get the out of Rambl:

Tip #1

Remember to Rambl!
To remember to use Rambl, drag the Rambl app to your Home screen or the Dock.

Tip #2

Remember to Follow-Up
At the end of a conversation, remember to state the important follow-ups that resulted from the call. Try some of these helpful phrases:

"I will follow up with_____ by [DAY] about _____."

"I will send _____ to _____ by [DAY]."

"I have a follow up to_____."

"I will schedule a follow up with_____ about _____."

Tip #3

Quickly redial a contact...
Tap the phone button to the right of a recent call in your conversation list.