Data-driven insights.

Self-training at scale.

Help reps become more productive on calls, get visibility into team performance, provide training and coaching at a fraction of the cost. 

Drive more connects than ever before

Don’t rely on third-party studies and benchmarks when building your outbound strategy—leverage data from the calls your own reps are making to increase connections each week. 
Get call outcome insights, filterable by team down to individual users, such as:
  • Unique numbers dialed
  • Attempts per number
  • Daily call volume by outcome
  • Calls by time of day
  • ...and more

Unique Numbers Dialed

Keep a pulse on rep productivity & success

The Team Dashboard allows managers to see important insights like call outcome breakdown, average talk/listen ratio, follow-ups, and qualifiers. Drill down by individual team member and time period to target your coaching more effectively so you can get back to managing your business.

Use playbooks to qualify leads & move deals forward

Customize call qualifications like budget, timing, need and authority to help Rambl analyze calls for your specific team. Get insight intelligence for individual reps as well as the entire sales team so you can develop, test, and improve playbook performance.

Set goals that keep reps accountable & motivated

Are you getting maximum return on your leads? Rambl allows you to set and track success metrics like number of call attempts and percentage of calls that result in a meeting, demo, sale or appointment.

Reps can select whether a call resulted in “success” before it gets logged, as well as see how they’re tracking against their goals in real-time.

Track rep and team performance in real-time

With the team scoreboard, it’s easy to see who your leaders and laggers are, as well as team performance as a whole over time.

Reps are listed by total points scored, but each rep’s score is broken out by call attempts and any custom goals you’ve set. Now it’s easy to see not only who’s making the most calls, but who’s really closing them. 

Manage multiple teams

Manage your sales and success teams’ customer conversations in one place, and create unique playbooks and performance goals for each team. This is an essential feature if you have:

  • Teams in remote locations
  • Teams assigned to different regions, markets, or verticals
  • Teams with different performance metrics or goals
  • Offshore teams calling in to the US or Canada

Make training a priority again without taking time away from selling.

What if you could automatically, continuously curate a training center with concrete examples of the best calls made by your best reps? With Rambl, you can.

Eliminate shadowing & role-playing

Reps need training that simulates real world experience. Star reps don’t scale, and new hires only learn as much as the rest of the team is willing to help them. Rambl gives you all the benefits of having your best reps onboard every new hire without impacting their productivity.

Find & save calls.

Give & get feedback.

The Rambl Training Center will automatically surface the top calls from your team based on your custom call qualifications, as well as give reps the ability to favorite, comment, and get feedback on calls.

Now even remote teams can get manager and rep feedback and training in real-time, even when they can’t be present.

I can hone in on the individual strategies that are working, while correcting those that don’t. Also, Rambl gives me the ability to coach on specific talk tracks, as well as positively call out reps, who run effective calls or overcome tricky objections.”

Steve Peck, 
Inside Sales Manager

“Rambl gives me visibility into the conversation quality my reps are having on the phone, so I can see that the calls are qualified and whether our call playbook is working.”

Andrew Johnson, 
Head of Sales

“I love the reporting, one of the best and most useful dashboards I’ve seen and the easiest implementation process I’ve been through. Takes only 4 minutes to train/onboard a new employee before they are dialing in Rambl.

Dave Coble, 
Sales Manager

Ready to Rambl?

Let us show you how Rambl can give you insights into your team’s call performance while ensuring a zero-friction experience for your team. 

Rambl is designed for high volume calling and qualification insights, to enable teams to learn from every call so they can improve on the next one.

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