Rambl works with the tools you already use

Unlock the full value inside your sales calls.


Rambl automatically logs sales call outcomes, qualifications, and tasks directly to CRM. Gain visibility into every conversation, save reps’ time, and increase call volume.


Make and accept calls right from the tools you use to find and build prospecting lists.

Live Chat/Lead Gen

Make and accept calls right from your conversational marketing tools.

Web Conferencing

Rambl works great with all major web conference providers right out of the box.

See how it works
See how it works


Make and accept calls right from your outreach and sequence management tools.

Email & Account Management

Use your company's Google or Office 365 accounts for faster sign up and sign in. You can also dial numbers directly from your Gmail or Office365 inbox.

Rambl is designed for high volume calling and qualification insights, to enable teams to learn from every call so they can improve on the next one.

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