Rambl Training Center

Stop shadowing and get your team in shape with automatic, continuous training.

No Pain. All Gain. No Pain. All Gain.

Rambl automatically curates your training center in real time with the best calls made by your star players and the strategies that work for your specific product and company.

All reps need to do is give a thumbs up or down after a connected call. New hires will quickly learn what kind of voicemails get the most callbacks, what intros hook a prospect and keep them engaged, how to properly qualify a prospect, and what a call that closes actually sounds like.

Go From Amateur to Pro. Go From Amateur to Pro.

Even seasoned reps need to keep up with evolving trends and fine tune their strategies. 

With Rambl, any rep can go right to the Training Center to learn what great looks and sounds like, stay informed of market trends, how to handle evolving objections, and brush up on new techniques that other reps have found successful.

Raise the Bar. Raise the Bar.

With this low resistance, high rep routine, your team will be shredded in no time.

Step 1

Make the Call.

Start making calls like normal, either via the web app or the Chrome extension.

Step 1
Step 2

Log the Call. Or Don’t.

Contributing to the training center still works even if you’re not connected to a CRM.

Step 2
Step 3

Was it legendary?

If other reps could learn from the awesomeness of the call you just made, give it a thumbs up. That’s it. 

Step 3
Step 4

Continuously Updated.

That call is now part of the training center. If reps find it helpful, they can upvote it. And that, my friends, is how you produce excellent training content on a continuous basis with *almost* no effort. 

Step 4

It’s Win-Win. It’s Win-Win.

Get all the benefits of having your best reps onboard every new hire without impacting their productivity.

They can access training on their own, at any time, and you’ll know they’re getting the best of the best examples of selling your own product or service. Everyone benefits just by doing their jobs.

Before Rambl Training

  • Shadowing individual reps is a time suck
  • Your best reps lose productivity by training new hires
  • Role-playing is only as realistic as the rep's acting ability
  • Leaving reps to sink or swim is risky - potentially resulting in terrible ROI

After Rambl Training

  • Automatic and continuously updated
  • New hires get training content from the best reps
  • Actual calls simulate real-world experiences
  • All reps have access to the same level of training on the best content

Ready to Rambl?

Shed the weight of shadowing and make some serious performance gains across your entire team.

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