The HubSpot-Integrated Phone System for

Hubcast Listeners

Make and accept calls from inside HubSpot. Log calls in less time. Capture and learn from real call data.


A seamless HubSpot dialing experience

Inside sales reps dial more leads, have more conversations and ultimately set better meetings with Rambl. Reps can dial through prioritized lead lists in HubSpot by simply clicking the phone icon    next to a record’s phone number to start a call.


Click to dial any phone number in HubSpot


Keep track of call qualifications before and during the call.


Get the prospect’s local time and weather in the Small Talk widget


Take notes during the call that will be automatically logged post-call.


Drop pre-recorded voicemails right from the browser

Increase connections

Rambl helps reps connect with up to 4X more prospects with Local Presence Dialing, which ensures that prospects see a local number in their caller ID. And Voicemail Drop saves reps up to 20% of their day by allowing them to drop perfectly pre-recorded voicemails with one click.

Call more, log less.

Rambl logs your team’s call activity, outcomes, follow-ups and notes automatically to HubSpot, saving reps literally hours per day. It also includes a link to full call details, transcript and downloadable call audio.

Dial anywhere, log to hubSpot

The Rambl Chrome extension allows you to click-to-dial any phone number directly inside HubSpot, or any page with a phone number, like Gmail, and automatically log the call back to HubSpot. If a HubSpot record or email contact doesn’t exist for the number you’re calling, Rambl let’s you add that contact to HubSpot after the call.

I love Rambl because it gives me visibility into the conversation quality my reps are having on the phone. With this information, I can see that the calls are qualified and whether our call playbook is working. Our reps love it too, as it has streamlined their process so they spend more time having conversations and less on data entry and call-logging in HubSpot.
Andrew Johnson
Head of Sales, Branch Messenger

Take incoming calls

Dedicated numbers for each rep handle both incoming and outgoing calls. Teams can create a dedicated sales line that routes to available reps, including fallback operators.

Call how you want

Make calls from right inside your browser, or automatically route calls through your mobile or desk phone while retaining full web functionality like auto logging, voicemail drop and call notes.

Learn & grow

When logging a call, Rambl automatically attaches a link to the full transcript and the call audio, which can be played or downloaded to assist in coaching and training.

Ready to Rambl?

Let us show you how Rambl can give you insights into your team’s call performance while ensuring a zero-friction experience for your team. 

Rambl is designed for high volume calling and qualification insights, to enable teams to learn from every call so they can improve on the next one.

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