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El Segundo, CA

time saved by team

64 hours / month

Looking to boost rep productivity and accountability across a growing global sales team, HR Cloud needed to streamline data entry and gain more visibility into daily, weekly, and monthly call performance by rep.

By implementing Rambl, HR Cloud has been able to:

  • Save 64 hours per month on tedious data entry and manual call logging. 
  • Gain visibility into calls made by all reps, including those working off-site at international offices. 
  • Scale and train a global sales team operating in different time zones and countries.
  • Develop relevant, 1-on-1 training and mentorship based on recent sales calls.
  • Share data-driven customer insights with marketing and customer success to inform lead generation efforts and growth strategies. 

Historically, HR Cloud had a local sales team that worked out of their headquarters in El Segundo, CA. When sales manager Joseph Hammett decided to create additional sales team offices located outside of the U.S., he knew he needed a tool that would provide him with the same level of visibility into the day-to-day calling activity of his remote teams that he had with his local reps. Specifically, he needed something that would give him access to call recordings, transcripts, and actionable call insights about rep performance by day, week, and month. 

The team was also utilizing HubSpot to track and manage leads, but found that reps were spending too much time adding and copying over notes at the end of each call they made. This disruption of productivity ultimately prevented them from focusing on what matters most—making more calls, having more conversations, and moving more deals forward.

Rambl, an AI-powered phone system for sales teams, integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce providing friction-free calls, powerful customer insights, and streamlined CRM-logging.

With Rambl, the HR Cloud sales team now saves 64 hours per month by utilizing click-to-call from inside HubSpot.

Rambl solved these pain points for HR Cloud:

Pain Point #1: Not Physically Present at International Offices — Rambl enabled sales manager Joseph Hammett to expand his sales team internationally and allows him to continue actively tracking call activity and performance and listening to calls from the home office. 

Pain Point #2: No Analytics on Calls — Rambl gives the entire HR Cloud team instant access into call insights and reporting, allowing them to better track things like attempts, connects, voicemails left, call volume, qualification handling, and playbook effectiveness. 

Pain Point #3: Lost Time on Data Entry and Call Logging — Rambl saves HR Cloud reps time by giving them the opportunity to automatically log call details and notes directly to HubSpot at the end of each call. Call recordings, transcripts, and call qualification metrics are now seamlessly synced between Rambl and HubSpot after every call that gets logged.

Pain Point #4: Anecdotal Knowledge Sharing Across Departments — Rambl gives Hammett the opportunity to share information with not only his manager, but also other departments that want to better understand outbound efforts and how leads were being nurtured as they moved down the funnel.

Pain Point #5: No Real-Time Pulse on Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rep Performance — Rambl makes it easy for Hammett to zero in on outliers on his team who might be lagging or not hitting their goals, and allows him to refer back to actual calls and real conversations when training reps 1-on-1.

With Rambl, Hammett now has visibility into call performance and actionable call insights for every rep on his team, no matter where they are in the world.

"With Rambl it's never been this easy to see where we're at with our calls. Without Rambl, you pretty much have to hire an analytics professional to custom build and maintain this for you. This is something that just comes out of the box. I think that's amazing. If you are analytics-centered, and I think any sales team should be, Rambl is the way to go."
Joseph Hammett
Sales Manager and Partnerships, HR Cloud

Want to boost sales call quality and performance across your team?

Rambl is designed for high volume calling and qualification insights, to enable teams to learn from every call so they can improve on the next one.

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