More calls.

More connects.

Zero friction.

Save time, increase connect rates, and turn more calls into qualified meetings with a streamlined, fully-integrated CRM dialing experience.

A dialer so powerful, one might call it a ...power dialer.

Make more calls. Have real, human conversations with prospects and customers. Qualify and move deals forward. Let Rambl take care of the rest.


Don't waste time logging calls.

Reps can spend hours per week logging call activity when they could be making more calls. Rambl will log full call details for them, including in-call notes, call qualification score, call outcome, and even provide a link to the full transcript and audio. A small team can save upwards of 70 hours per week!


Click-to-call, from anywhere.

Stop switching tabs and tools. No more copying and pasting or manually entering phone numbers. The Rambl Chrome extension lets you simply click to start, end, and log calls right from Salesforce, HubSpot, or any web page with a phone number. 


Leave your best message, every time.

Leave your best voicemail every time and get at least 20% of your day back. Select one of your pre-recorded voicemails, drop it with one click, and move on to the next call.


Don't be a stranger.

Reps can get up to four times more connects if prospects see a local number in their caller ID. Choose only the locations that your team needs, and any time they dial a number within your selected areas, a local number will be automatically displayed.


Achieve maximum call velocity.

Designed specifically for high-volume call teams, power dialer lets you assign, manage and dial directly out of call queues. With a CRM connected, Rambl will detect if a lead already exists when you complete a call. Rambl will even create the contact in your CRM so you can dial out of lists that haven’t been imported into your CRM.

A foot in the door, before you even call.

Finding common relatable topics is crucial to starting a conversation on the right foot. With Small Talk, Rambl gives you conversation starter topics like…the local weather! Coming soon – sports, company info, LinkedIn background and news!

Time to walk the walk!

With ‘Activity Scoring’ enabled, a whole new scoreboard section will decide once and for all who’s got real bragging rights, and foster a little ‘friendly competition’ if you know what we mean.

The best way to learn how to sell your own product.

Rambl provides on-demand access to a continuously, automatically updated training center with the best calls from the best reps.

Epic call? Make it known.

After a connected call, reps can choose to save it to the training center with a comment about the call. Rambl will also automatically surface tops calls based on your company’s specific qualification criteria, so the good ones don’t fall through the cracks. 

It's like Spotify® for great sales calls.

Reps can listen to recent and top calls, favorite and comment on calls, and essentially create their own playlist of amazing sales calls that will help them succeed in their own role. Forget shadowing, barging, private chat and whispering techniques. Nothing beats experiencing a real-life call selling your own product. 

Give & get advice.
Favorite for fast access.

Calls don’t have to be epic to benefit the training center. If a rep encounters a question or objection they don’t know how to handle, they can add it with a comment requesting advice for the next time. With the Rambl training center, everyone on the team benefits just by doing their jobs.

Before Rambl, we operated independently and didn’t share our results with other team members.  With Rambl, we have friendly  competition with call metrics while learning what works and doesn’t work.

Jake Weaver, 
Account Executive

“Rambl is a must have for high-volume sales teams. It basically doubled our reps call output!”

Steph Jacobson, 
Sales Coordinator

“It integrates with everything seamlessly through the Chrome extension. It’s one click and then it’s dialing—love that!”

Matt Hall, 
Sales Rep

Ready to Rambl?

Let us show you how Rambl can give you insights into your team’s call performance while ensuring a zero-friction experience for your team. 

Rambl is designed for high volume calling and qualification insights, to enable teams to learn from every call so they can improve on the next one.

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