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High call volume agents love our dialer, managers love the automatic qualification analysis, teams love the self-coaching and training.

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I love Rambl because it gives me visibility into the conversation quality my reps are having on the phone. With this information, I can see that the calls are qualified and whether our call playbook is working. Our reps love it too, as it has streamlined their process so they spend more time on calls and less on data entry and logging calls in our CRM.
Andrew Johnson
Head of Sales, Branch Messenger

Frequenty Asked Questions

Do I need to enter a credit card to start the free trial?

No! There are no credit cards, contracts, or commitments required to start using Rambl.

What is Rambl?

Rambl is the inside sales phone system for growth. High call volume reps love our dialer, managers love the automatic qualification analysis, and teams love the self-coaching and training.


Who is Rambl for?

Rambl is for any sales team that makes high-volume outbound calls, uses a Salesforce or HubSpot as a CRM, and wants better data to improve call performance.

How much is it?

The pricing varies depending on number of users and the types of features you would like to enable in your account. If you would like a more specific quote, please send us an email.   

How long does it take to get set up?

Set up only takes about 20 minutes. Each new user you add to your account can typically be onboarded and dialing in about 4 minutes or less.

Does it work for International Calls?

No. Rambl currently only allows for calls made to numbers in the U.S.  

What do I need to start using Rambl?

Nothing! We’ll provide you with a simple onboarding guide to go through after you sign up.

Rambl is designed for high volume calling and qualification insights, to enable teams to learn from every call so they can improve on the next one.

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